The creation of CryptoMore is based on openness, honesty and complete confidentiality. We do not store your data, we do not have a database at all. All information is stored on the Solana blockchain.

Imagine a service where you can quickly, reliably and with minimal commissions

  • create NFTs,
  • sell NFTs,
  • buy NFTs,
  • pack NFTs with SOL value in boxes,
  • arrange Games with SOL and NFT
  • arrange auctions.


Imagine a service with the help of which you will also receive passive income in the amount of the acquired % of SHARES. Cool, right? That's not all..

That's all CryptoMore is!


When we thought about the service for creating NFTs, we imagined a platform that would help you quickly and inexpensively create, sell and buy NFTs.

At the same time, we were annoyed by the royalties that always accompanied buyers to other sites, as well as the unfairly high commissions of the sites themselves.

And we started building CryptoMore…Royalty free, with transparent and reasonable fees.

But while we were thinking, some cool guys were already creating some good venues.

And then it seemed to us that the creation of the NFT and the marketplace was too boring and we came up with SIB and NIB, more precisely SOL in BOX and NFT in BOX, fair games with real winnings in SOL that anyone can create.

At the same time, in the future we have many more ideas that will help users earn money, and we will gradually introduce new functionality on the platform.


Principles of CryptoMore

1. Availability

Anyone can create as many NFTs as they want

2. Anonymity

We do not have a database, all information about transactions is in the SOLANA blockchain

3. One wallet - one SOL in BOX(SIB) and one NFT in BOX(NIB)

Increase your reputation and reputation of the Game by releasing additional SOL in BOX(SIB) or NFT in BOX(NIB)

4. No hidden fees

We want you to use the CryptoMore platform and know what you are paying for