We have released 1000 CryptoMore NFTs.

Each token gives the holder the right to receive 0.1% of the total earnings of the CryptoMore platform at any time.


How it works?

All CryptoMore commissions are transferred to a single smart contract.

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Why 1000 NFTs?

It's very simple, 0.1%*1000=100%

Our smart contract monitors the number of tokens and the distribution of profits very strictly.


Where does the profit come from

When a user of the CryptoMore platform creates NFT, sells NFT, hides NFT in boxes, places bids at the Auction, he pays a commission. There are two types of commissions:

  1. The commission of the Blockchain Solana itself, which is completely taken by the Blockchain for an entry in the Blockchain.
  2. Commission of the CryptoMore site for the services of using the site. And it is from these receipts that interest will be calculated and profits will be transferred to the owners of CryptoMore Shares.

The more people use the CryptoMore platform, the more CryptoMore Shares holders will earn.

Why buy CryptoMore Shares now?

  • the CryptoMore platform has just launched its work, which means that the profit will only grow.
  • the value of the Shares will grow in proportion to the growth of the profit of the CryptoMore platform
  • there are no analogues of CryptoMore Games (SIB and NIB) today.
  • on CryptoMore, the minimum platform commissions for the creation of NFTs and the sale of NFTs, which makes CryptoMore unrivaled.

Does the NFT holder depend on the CryptoMore platform?

No. A CryptoMore promotion is a regular NFT that can be gifted or traded on any Solana-supporting NFT, such as Magic Eden or SolSea.

You can make a withdrawal transaction in your CryptoMore account or on your own. The transaction structure can be viewed in our API. The smart contract will verify the owner of the NFT Share and transfer 0.1% of the profit to his wallet.

One crypto wallet can have several Shares of the site, in this case, you need to withdraw funds to your crypto wallet from each Share separately.

On the Promotions page, there is an analytics that shows how much SOL has been received on the Smart contract and how much money has already been withdrawn.


Principles of the CryptoMore platform

If you decide to become a CryptoMore Shareholder, then read the basic principles of the CryptoMore platform

  • One share - 0.1% of the total profit of the site
  • All commissions are transferred to the smart contract account
  • All payments are made by a smart contract
  • It is not (!) possible to block or exclude a promotion
  • All share payouts and general account balance are publicly available on Blockchain Solana
  • It's forever
  • It's confidential
  • No one will ever change the conditions for making a profit
  • You can always sell CryptoMore Shares

When a person buys a CryptoMore share, he receives a percentage of all the profits of the CryptoMore site