Which crypto wallet do you need to have to use the CryptoMore platform?

  • To create NFT, SOL in BOX, NFT in BOX you need to download the Phantom crypto wallet

What cryptocurrency do you need to have in your crypto wallet to work with the CryptoMore platform?

  • The CryptoMore platform works with the Solana blockchain. To pay commissions when working on the CryptoMore site, you need to have the Solana cryptocurrency in your crypto wallet.

Why does the CryptoMore Platform use the Solana Blockchain?

  • It's simple, Solana has small commissions and less powerful energy resources are spent, unlike other blockchains.

What do you need to create an NFT on CryptoMore?

  • In order to create NFT on Solana on the CryptoMore platform, you need to have a Phantom crypto wallet with Solana cryptocurrency

How to find out how much the commission will cost when creating an NFT or Lottery on CryptoMore?

  • Fees are calculated and displayed in the user's wallet upon confirmation of any transaction.

What should I do if there is no Solan in my e-wallet, but there is another cryptocurrency?

  • You need to change the amount required to work on the CryptoMore site, on any cryptocurrency exchange site you know.

How much Solan do you need to have on your crypto wallet to create NFT?

  • In order to create an NFT on the CryptoMore platform, you need to have such an amount of Solan that would be enough to pay the commission and, in the case of creating a money game, an amount in the amount of the Solan amount being played.

Can I sell my NFT created on the CryptoMore site to another site?

  • Yes, you can sell your NFT on another site, provided that your NFT is not listed for sale on the CryptoMore marketplace.

How can you be sure that the Game on CryptoMore is fair?

  • Information about the draw is recorded in the Solana Blockchain, and after the creation of the draw (secret boxes), even the creator of the Draw does not know in which box the “super prize” is and cannot plan the winner.

Can CryptoMore change the conditions of the Lottery after its creation?

  • CryptoMore is just an intermediary between you and the Solana Blockchain and smart contracts, which makes it impossible to do anything.

Can CryptoMore change the terms of the Profit Distribution between Shareholders?

  • No, all the conditions for the distribution of profits from the CryptoMore Shares are recorded in the Solana Blockchain and it cannot be changed, ever.

Where is information about NFT and Games created on CryptoMore stored?

  • All information about NFTs and Lotteries created on CryptoMore is stored in the Solana Blockchain.

Can I cancel my CryptoMore Auction?

  • An auction on CryptoMore can only be canceled if no bids have been made.

Can I cancel my bid on the CryptoMore Auction?

  • Once you place a bid in an Auction, it can be canceled until the Auction Creator closes that Auction.

If I can't sell all my secret boxes, what can I do with them?

  • If you do not sell all your secret boxes, you can remove them from sale and open them yourself.

Where can I find information about the Game?

  • Information about the Game is on the link by clicking on the button "Information about the Game"

Can I see how many secret boxes are open?

  • Yes, this information is located by clicking on the link "Information about the Game"

I have a blog on YouTube channel, how can I monetize it?

  • If you have your own audience, then you can organize Fair Games and sell your NFTs.