How to create NFT


Step 1

You need to have a Phantom crypto wallet with Solans to pay the commission.

  • Select the tab in the top menu - Create NFT

Step 2

  • Just choose the NFT format you want to create (by the way, you can create several different NFTs at once),

Step 3

  • Fill in all the data about your NFT

  • Pay a small commission when making a transaction


Step 4

and voila! You have your own NFT

Now your NFT is in your wallet. By clicking on your wallet number in the right corner of the site, you will see your NFTs in your personal account.


Step 5

You can list NFTs for direct sale or auction by specifying a price. Or put it up for sale on another Marketplace if you want.

Create an NFT

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Create your own, unique NFTs with minimal commissions and sell on any platform!