How to create an NFT in Mystery BOX (NIB)

NFT in BOX (NIB) is a game about creating boxes with NFT content. But it's not that simple... When creating this game, you need to download a minimum of 3 types of NFTs, and a maximum of 10, after which you must check the box if you want to keep the NFTs with the buyer after he collects his winnings.

Now you can start creating a combination of the selected NFTs (the maximum number of NFTs for one combination is 10).

When a combination is thought up, it remains to indicate the winnings for the collected collection (minimum amount 0.001 SOL) and send it to prepare for the minute.

After that, you need to “mint” the boxes in order to put them up for sale from your personal account.

You can also add collections to this game at any time, for example, increasing the probability of opening a certain NFT.

To make sure our users don't get tampered with NFTs, we've created the ability to convert NFTs to numbers, so players can match their NFTs to the numbers to make sure the Game is fair.

In addition, statistics on collections are always available to everyone. That is, participants will see how many open and closed boxes. And also all information on boxes and NFT is reflected in Solana Explorer.

We advise you to carefully study the statistics for the Game in order to make the right decision about participation.

The Game is created in such a way that after the creation of the Game, the Creator himself does not know in which box this or that NFT is located.

We made sure that users would receive NFT in a random way at the time of opening the box, and not at the time of purchase.

The amount of all rewards for collected collections is deducted from the wallet that creates this Game and is stored in the Solana Blockchain.

One wallet number is allowed to create only one NFT in BOX game, but with the ability to add new collections in boxes.

A new game can be created only after opening all the boxes participating in the Game, receiving a reward for the collected collections. After that, by deleting the completed game on the NIB creation/adding page.


Step 1

To independently create a Mystery BOX Game with NFT inside, you need to click on the tab - Create NIB, in the main menu and click the button - Create / Add


Step 2

  • Think up and write the name of your game,
  • choose the color of the Mystery BOX (or specify the path to your own box)
  • load from 3 to 10 NFTs of the same format, which will be hidden in Mystery Boxes
  • uncheck the box if you DO NOT want NFTs to be deleted from the participant of the Game after receiving the winnings.
  • click on the button - Prepare for Mint

Step 3

You need to create NFT collections for your members to collect and a SOL prize for those who complete the collection. Add up to 10 NFTs to your collection to collect. Come up with your own combinations, you can be the same, you can be different. After creating each collection, you need to click on the button - Download this Lot


Step 4

Your Mystery Boxes with NFT are almost ready, it remains to release them (make Mint).

You can release up to 50 boxes at a time, if you have more boxes, then repeat Mint.


  • the button will indicate the number of unreleased Mystery BOX with NFT
  • in the quantity input field, you cannot enter more boxes than you have, that is, you will not be mistaken.

Step 5

Your NIB boxes are ready. Within 5 minutes they will appear in your personal account, where you will be taken by clicking on the button - Connect wallet, in the upper right corner.

In your personal account, you can specify the price and put your Mystery BOX with NFT for direct sale or arrange an Auction.

You can release additional Mystery BOX with NFT at any time by going to the tab - Create NIB in the main menu, and pressing the button - Create / Add

In addition to the fact that there you can additionally create collections (lots) in the Mystery Boxes, there will also be statistics on your already created collections (lots).

You can delete the entire game if all Mystery BOX with NFTs are open and the collectors have collected their winnings.

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