How to create SOL in Mystery BOX (SIB)

SOL in BOX (SIB) is a game about creating boxes with the Solana cryptocurrency, which allows you to create a huge number of boxes with different contents. The sum of Solana of all boxes with the arrival of the wallet that creates this Game and finds Solana in the Blockchain.

The minimum amount of the contents of one box is 0.001 SOL.

You can release additional boxes at any time, thereby increasing the chances of winning.

The game is designed in such a way that after creation, even the Creator does not know in which box the soft amount of SOL is located.

We made sure that Winnings were detected randomly at the time of opening the box, and not at the time of purchase.

When buying a box, no one knows how much SOL will be there.

There are also statistics on the number and closed boxes, and you can also see how much SOL is “frozen” by the Creator, that is, how much SOL is in the postponed game by the Creator.

One wallet number allows you to create only one game, but with the ability to turn on the box with SOL a limited number of times.

A new game can only be created after opening all the participant boxes in the Game by deleting the completed game on the SIB creation/adding workbench. But this is not necessary, because you can constantly release additional boxes with SOL.


Step 1

To create a Mystery BOX with SOL inside, you need to click on the tab - Create SIB, in the main menu and click the button - Create / Add


Step 2

  • Think up and write the name of your game,
  • choose the color of the Mystery BOX (or specify the path to your own box)
  • indicate how much will be in your game Mystery BOX
  • how much SOL will be in each box.
  • Check the data and click - Done!

Step 3

Your Mystery Boxes are almost ready, it remains to release them (make a Mint).

You can release up to 50 boxes at a time, if you have more boxes, then repeat Mint.


  • the number of unreleased Mystery BOXes will be indicated on the button
  • in the quantity input field, you cannot enter more boxes than you have, that is, you will not be mistaken.

Step 4

Your SIB boxes are ready. Within 5 minutes they will appear in your personal account, where you will be taken by clicking on the button - Connect wallet, in the upper right corner.

In your personal account, you can specify the price and put your Mystery BOX for direct sale or arrange an Auction.


Step 5

You can release additional Mystery BOXes at any time by going to the Create SIB tab in the main menu and clicking the Create/Add button

In addition to the fact that you can additionally create Mystery Boxes there, there will also be statistics on your already created Mystery BOXes

You can delete the entire game if all Mystery BOXes are open.

Create a Mystery Box with SOL

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