Secret boxes how it works

There are two types of Game on the CryptoMore site:

  • with cash prize
  • with NFT collection, collecting which you can get a cash reward

The principle of buying / selling boxes is based on honesty and openness, which are provided by the record in the Solana blockchain, and this makes it impossible to plan the winners in advance.

Openness is provided by information about the Game on the site, which indicates how many boxes, the percentage of winnings, the number of open and closed boxes. And also in the description of the Game, detailed information about the Game from its creator is indicated.

Boxes created on the CryptoMore site can be sold on other sites (provided that you have not put them up for sale on the CryptoMore marketplace), for example, on SolSea, etc. but if you decide to open the box, then this can only be done on the official CryptoMore website .

To create a Game, you just need to connect your SOL wallet to the CryptoMore platform in the upper right corner.


Game SOL in BOX (SIB)

On CryptoMore you can create a money game with SOL

Sell secret boxes between your audience. You can sell the created boxes on other sites that support SOL

Create SIB

NFT in BOX (NIB) game

On CryptoMore, you can create an NFT Game, in which, having collected a collection, you can get a prize in the SOL cryptocurrency

Create a Game now with your NFT combination and sell it to everyone!

Create NIB