Mystery BOX

What is Mystery BOX

Mystery BOX is a box in which you can «hide» Solana and NFT.

Often in the Mystery BOX put simply the NFT, which can be resold if you "catch" the valuable NFT, after opening the box.

On the CryptoMore platform, you can create your own Mystery BOX or you can participate in Games with Mistery BOX.

CryptoMore platform creates not just a Mystery BOX, but a Mystery BOX with value in SOL.

CryptoMore platform has two types of Mistery BOX: with the money prize with the NFT collection. When the collection is built, one can be rewarded with the money prize.

The principle of buying/selling boxes is based on honesty and openness, which is provided by a record in the Solana blockchain and this makes it impossible to plan the winners in advance.

Openness is provided by the information about the Game on the playground, which indicates amount of boxes, the winning percentage, the number of open and closed boxes. The Game description also contains detailed information about the Game from its creator.

Boxes created on the CryptoMore site can be sold on other sites (provided that you do not put them on the CryptoMore label), for example on SolSea etc. but if you decide to open the box, this can only be done on the official CryptoMore website.

To create a Game, simply connect your SOL wallet to the CryptoMore playground in the upper right corner.


What is SOL in Mystery BOX (SIB)

The essence of these Mystery BOX is that the creator(organizer) puts in each box some amount of SOL.

The game is created in such a way that after creation, even the Creator does not know which box contains the maximum amount of SOL.

We have made sure that users win randomly at the time of opening the box, not at the time of purchase.

No one knows how much there will be SOL when box is purchased.

There are also statistics on open and closed boxes, and you can also see how much SOL «frozen» by the Creator, that is, how much SOL Creator invested in this game.

By buying such a box, you can immediately open it and immediately get a win on your wallet or not open, that is, wait for the other participants to open their boxes and see the chances of maximal win in statistics.

Secret boxes can be sold among your audience or on other sites supporting SOL

How to create SOL in Mystery BOX

What is NFT in Mystery BOX (NIB)

The essence of these Mistery BOX is that the creator (organizer) hides in each box some NFT.

The organizer creates collections from the NFT. When the participant builds a collection, he receives a reward in SOL.

For example, when a member has built a collection, he or she is in his or her personal account on My NFT Collections tab in BOX, ticks off all the NFT in the collection and clicks on the button - Close Collection, thereby winning the built collection

To ensure our users that the NFT is not replaced, we have created the possibility of converting the NFT into numbers, so that participants can match their NFT with the figures to ensure the Game’s integrity.

In addition, statistics on the collections are available to everybody at all times. That is, participants will see how many boxes are open and closed. Also, all information on boxes and NFTs is reflected in Solana Explorer.

We advise you to carefully study the Game statistics in order to make the right decision about participation.

The game is created in such a way that the Creator himself does not know which NFT is in which box.

We made sure that users received the NFT randomly at the time of opening the box, not at the time of purchase.

The sum of all the rewards for the built collections is deducted from the wallet, which is created at the time of Game creation and is stored in the Solana Blockchain, from which participants receive their rewards. The game can’t be changed or fixed, it’s 100% fair

How to Create NFT in Mystery BOX

How to create an NFT in Mystery BOX